Hit The Brakes On Irritating Brake System Problems By Recognizing Common Noise Indicators

Brake systems are designed with all kinds of bells and whistles to help keep them at least partially functioning even when something has gone wrong. Therefore, there are many more symptoms of bad brakes than just not having the ability to stop when you hit the pedal. Most symptoms will come in the form of out-of-the-ordinary noises.

Here are a few of the most common noises bad brakes can cause and what they could indicate:

Whistling Wheels

Cars that are equipped with traditional brake pads are not infinite. The box may have said lifetime guarantee when you bought them, but this does not mean the brake pads will last forever. What most drivers do not know is the guarantee that comes with brake pads is usually only covering the structured design of the brake pad seat.

When the rubber pads of the brake start to get worn, the metal on metal contact of the wheel rotor and the base of the brake pad will cause a whistle. This is a warning sign that your brake pads need replacing.

Grinding Brakes

One common noise that a car can make when there is a problem will sound like someone is taking a grinding wheel to your wheels. You may hear this while you travel without braking, or you may hear it only when the pedal is compressed.

This grinding is often contributed wrongly to the wheels, tires, or even the bushings in the axles. However, the first thing to be checked should be the brakes, which could have slipped out of alignment.

Hissing Hoses

You may be hearing the sound of hissing air as it is released from beneath the hood and assume there are air hoses loose or damaged. However, this hissing could also be due to a failing brake master cylinder. In some vehicles, such as the Porsche, this cylinder uses vacuum pressure to provide ultimate stopping power at high rates of speed. Unfortunately, it is not common for fault master cylinders to be the root cause of Porsche brake repair, along with many other high-speed vehicles.

Take a trip in your car for a few miles and try to count just how many times you find yourself relying on the brake system to keep you safe. While it is no secret that the brakes of the car are one of the most crucial safety components, it is surprising how may drivers are left scratching their heads when something goes wrong. As a driver, no matter what you drive or how often, learning a little about your brakes is one of the most important things you can do.

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