Transmission Trouble Signs

Monitoring any necessary transmission repair can save you from having to pay the cost for a new one. Repairing your transmission as soon as there are signs of a problem can also save money as you will catch the problem before it escalates. Here are some signs that it may be time to bring your vehicle to your mechanic to check your transmission.

Check Engine Light

There are many reasons why a check engine light may illuminate on your dashboard. The transmission is one thing that is hooked up to the check engine light feature on all vehicles. You cannot rule out a transmission problem until you find out what the code means. You can bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have them check the code by hooking a machine up to your vehicle. This will tell you which area of your vehicle is having difficulty, perhaps saving you from a costly repair job down the road.

Transmission Fluid Problems

Make sure to regularly check your transmission fluid to make sure the reservoir is full. If you notice the liquid is not a clear pink, but rather a muddy looking red color, have your transmission lines flushed and replaced with new fluid. Checking the transmission fluid is part of routine maintenance that should be checked every month or so to make sure it is not breaking down or wearing out. Doing this promptly when noticed will save your vehicle from unnecessary transmission work.

Bucking Or Jerking

When your vehicle jerks and bucks while driving, check your transmission right away to avoid further wear and tear on your transmission.  Any knocking or tapping sounds when driving are also a symptom of a failing transmission. These signs of transmission problems should be addressed by a professional auto repair service before continuing to drive your vehicle.

Shifting In And Out Of Gear

When you shift your vehicle, the transition should be smooth and flawless. If your vehicle starts revving or has difficulty going into the next gear, you may have a transmission problem. This is sometimes caused by a lack of transmission fluid getting to the gears, so you should take a look at this first. If there is no shortage in fluid, bring your car to a mechanic for a check up. Under no circumstance should your vehicle shift from gear to gear without you manually doing the shifting motion yourself.