Why A Certified Volkswagen Service Center Is the Best Choice For Your VW

Volkswagens are unique and beautiful cars, and they require the unique attention that only certified service technicians can provide. The relationship that you have with your Volkswagen or Audi service center is one of the most important you will form. 

Here are three advantages you'll gain by choosing a certified Volkswagen service center to maintain and service your vehicle:

  1. Factory Trained and Certified Service Technicians and Service Writers
  2. OEM Parts Availability and Priority 
  3. Warranty Upkeep 

Understanding each of these advantages will help you to make the right decision in servicing your Volkswagen. 

Factory Trained and Certified Service Technicians

They know your car because they work on Volkswagens every day. They know the dirty little secrets that save diagnostic time so your car is returned to you quickly. They also know the problems that come in on a regular basis, and if they can be prevented or not. This saves you money and time, so you are driving your VW instead of maintaining it. The quality of their work is guaranteed by Volkswagen which protects the money you have already spent. 

Factory Trained and Certified Service Writers

These guys know exactly what it takes to repair anything that could possibly be wrong with your vehicle. An accurate repair estimate is absolutely critical. The repair estimate tells you what repairs will be done to your vehicle, how much parts and labor are going to cost, and how long the repairs will take. Only experienced service writers can consistently deliver accurate estimates. 

OEM Parts Availability and Priority

Volkswagen delivered your car with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on the car. Why would you want anything of a lesser quality installed when your car is being repaired? Volkswagen service centers have access to the inventory of OEM parts nationwide, and are mandated by VW to use OEM parts when available. This keeps your vehicle running like-new, and keeps the warranty intact. 

Warranty Upkeep

Paying for a new car is a good idea because it comes with a warranty protecting your investment. Don't do anything that risks voiding the warranty. The trained staff at a VW service center will advise you as to service intervals for your warranty, and any other critical considerations to ensure you get the most from your warranty. 

To be sure selecting the right service center for you and your vehicle is an important decision. Considering the facts, there's only one right choice for your VW: A certified Volkswagen service center.