How To Fix A Scratch On Your Car

Fixing a scratch on your car can be simple but very expensive if you don't know how to do it. A scratch that is left untreated can develop into a rust spot that will continue to spread throughout the entire body of the car until it is dealt with. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to fix a scratch on your car:

Before you get started here is a list of materials you will need:

  • Two Soft Cloths
  • A Bucket filled with warm water
  • One bottle of rubbing compound
  • One roll of painters tape 
  • One spray can of touch up paint

1 - Start by washing your car to get rid of the dirt and grime that has built up on the body.

2 - Once the car is cleaned, take rubbing compound and apply it using a soft cloth, as the rubbing compound will help to smooth out all the edges of the scratch. Rub it onto the scratch using a circular motion and reapply more compound every thirty seconds.

3 - Using a separate cloth, wipe away all the excess rubbing compound. Proceed with washing off the area to remove the rubbing compound before you can move onto the next step. Make sure that you get all the rubbing compound that is hiding inside the scratch and around the edges.

4 - Take painters tape and block off the area around the scratch. Outline the full area and block off everything with tape until the only thing showing is the scratch itself. Make sure that there are no breaks in the tape or uncovered parts or you may end up getting paint on your car that wasn't intended to be there.

5 - Using the spray can of touch up paint, coat scratch evenly until the area is covered. Make sure that you don't over-spray or hold the can too close to the car, as the paint could glob or appear to be much heavier in that part of the car. If needed, repeat this step to add another coat to match the color of the car.

6 - Let the paint sit and dry for a full 24 hours before doing anything. Make sure the car is parked inside where it can dry without having to deal with the elements.

7 - Remove the painters tape and clean up the area on the car by using a simple car polish.

Following the steps outlined above will help you save a few dollars fixing minor scratches. If the scratch is deep or you don't have the time to invest in doing the work yourself, then you should reach out to a repair company, like Vince's Auto Service, for further advice.