Tips For Keeping Your Brakes In Good Shape

Having well-functioning brakes is essential for the safety of yourself and your passengers when you're operating a vehicle, so it is essential that you perform the maintenance needed to keep them in good working condition. Maintaining your brakes will not only keep you safe, it will also help prevent costly repairs that can arise when the brake system is not taken care of. Use the following tips to keep your brakes in good shape:

Pay Attention to Odd Noises

Brakes that are in good shape should not make any noticeable sounds when you apply pressure to the brake pad. If you notice that your brakes are squealing or screeching, that is a good indicator that there is a problem in the brake system that needs to be addressed. Don't continue driving if your brakes are making loud noise—it is important to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for repairs.

Check Brake Fluid Levels

Brake fluid is essential to apply the pressure needed to engage the discs and brake pads when the brake pedal is pressed. Over time brake fluid levels can become low, which can result in the brake system not working properly, or taking longer for your vehicle to come to a stop. Make it a habit to check your brake fluid regularly; a good rule of thumb is to either check it yourself when you change the oil, or ask your mechanic to check it when you go to an auto shop for oil services.

Observe How Your Brakes Feel While Driving

Don't become complacent when driving—it is important to pay attention to how your brakes feel when you apply pressure to the brake pedal while driving. Your brakes should be responsive, and your vehicle should immediately begin to slow down. If your brakes feel spongy, or if you have to apply extra pressure to the brake pedal, it is time to have your brakes looked at by a professional mechanic.

Don' Forget to Get Professional Brake Services Regularly

There is a lot that you can do on your own to help maintain your brakes, but it is still prudent to have a full brake service done by a mechanic on a regular basis. A comprehensive brake service will help maintain the integrity of your brakes, and if there are any issues your mechanical can make the needed repairs. Regular brake services can ensure that you are operating a safe vehicle that will be able to stop promptly when needed.