4 Signs That Your Car Needs The Transmission Fluid Flushed

Many vehicle owners wait until it's been about two years since the transmission fluid of their vehicle was last flushed to get it flushed again. However, there may be a time during that two years that you should get your transmission fluid flushed:

1. Grinding Noise from Transmission

Transmission fluid that has a lot of dirt and debris in it will begin to make a grinding noise that you will clearly be able to hear. It is important that if you hear a grinding noise, you stop and check the transmission fluid while the vehicle is still running. If the level of the fluid is good and the color of the fluid is a red color versus a black or dark brown, then the problem is not the transmission fluid and you should get your car checked out by professionals.

However, if the level is low or the color of the fluid is not red, then you must get your fluid flushed to be sure that your car starts running smoothly again.

2. Problems with Shifting

If you drive a manual vehicle, you will notice that you have significant trouble shifting gears if the transmission fluid is too dirty. However, you will even notice this in an automatic car. This is because dirty transmission fluid causes the car to speed up or slow down at a slower pace. Check the transmission fluid if you notice this problem and get it flushed if needed. 

3. Jerking

A vehicle that has dirty transmission fluid may suddenly jerk forward or backward without any notice. This is because the dirt is blocking the transmission from running smoothly, thus causing your vehicle to make these sudden movements. The transmission needs to be flushed out for this reason to ensure that the gears in the transmission run smoothly, which will then make your car drive smoothly without these sudden jerking movements that could even cause an accident if you aren't careful.

4. Delays

If your car is delaying to start or move in the right gear that it is in, then it may be time to have your transmission fluid changed, as well. Be sure that you check the fluid level and color before you do this though since you want to be sure that this is the true source of the problem and not something else. 

By being aware of these signs and the possibility that it means you need a transmission flush, then you can be sure that you are going to keep your car running smoothly even if you need to get your transmission flushed more often than is otherwise recommended to avoid even more costly transmission repair down the road.