Having A Baby But Drive A Clunker? Safety Precautions You Must Take

If you're having a new baby and you are worried that your car isn't safe, there are a few things you want to spend money on. Even if you don't have a lot of money, fixing these different things can make the vehicle safe for you and your little tot.

New Tires

Are your tires bald and dangerous? A lot of vehicle owners procrastinate replacing tires because of the cost, but slide all over the road. Consider getting new or used tires with good tread, so you can be prepared for any type of weather that may come your way. You can call around to different mechanic shops and junk yards to find a good deal on used tires, and then have them put on if you don't want to spend a lot. Even classified ads can be a great place to look.

AC Repairs

It may not have been a big deal for you when you had to drive around in the 90 degree heat with the windows down, even when there wasn't a breeze. However, children have high surface area-to-body mass ratios, and will heat up more quickly than adults. Because their heat tolerance is so different, it's crucial that you have air conditioning to keep them comfortable on a hot summer day. If your AC isn't reliable, it needs to be one of the first things you fix with the help of an auto AC service.


Having poor brakes can be the cause of collisions and accidents, and you have a baby to worry about in the car. Being rear-ended because you couldn't stop correctly or hitting someone in front of you can cause serious head, back and neck trauma to a child, even if they are in a car seat. Make sure that your brake pads are good and that there is no damage to your rotors.

It is important not only to make sure that your vehicle is safe, but also to take the time to buckle your infant correctly in their car seat. A shocking 7 out of 10 children aren't buckled properly in their seat, so make sure you know how before you leave the hospital or drive around with your newborn. Making these changes with your vehicle and keeping the vehicle maintained is going to help you feel confident while driving with your infant. Their life is your responsibility, so be sure that you do everything you can to protect it.