Want To Protect Your New Porsche From Cold Winter Weather? 5 Steps For Winter Storage

If you just recently purchased your first Porsche – and you live in a region that experiences severe winters – you might not realize that cold weather can wreak havoc on your new car. Many Porsche owners winterize their cars and put them in storage for the winter. If you're planning on storing your new car during the winter, you should have a plan prepared. Here's a handy guide to help you winterize your new Porsche.

Mark Your Calendar

If you're planning on waiting until the cold weather hits to winterize your car, you might be caught off-guard. Weather can change from day-to-day, especially as the seasons are changing. Pick a date that is close to the beginning of winter and stick to it. That way, your new Porsche is ready for the winter and it doesn't get stuck in the first snow that comes through.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

This is a good time to take your car down for a thorough detailing. This will ensure that your entire car is clean inside and out. Dirt and oils can damage your Porsche, especially if they stay on the car the entire time it's in storage.

Be sure that your tires are treated with a tire dressing, which will protect against tire rot. If your Porsche has a leather interior, you should also apply a leather protectant before retiring your car for the winter.

Fill the Gas Tank

You may be thinking that your car doesn't need a full tank of gas if you aren't going to be driving it anywhere. You need to fight the urge to store it with an empty tank. A full tank of gas will prevent moisture and condensation inside the tank. The last thing you want is to find rust and sediment in your tank when you try to drive when the weather warms up.

Check the Tire Pressure

Before you place your Porsche in storage for the winter, be sure you check the tire pressure. Tires can lose about one or two psi per month during cold weather. They also lose additional pressure in cold weather.

Be sure your tires are filled to maximum psi before shutting your Porsche down. Inadequate tire pressure may result in tire damage due to an uneven distribution of weight during storage.

Protect Against Moisture

Moisture can build-up inside your car during storage. Unfortunately, that moisture can cause significant damage to your interior, especially the upholstery and electronic devices. Before you place your Porsche in storage, place several silica packets inside. The silica packets will prevent moisture build-up. You can purchase silica packets at most auto supply stores.

Now that you have your first Porsche, you want to do everything you can to keep it in pristine condition. Following these tips will help you to keep your Porsche in pristine condition and protected from the bitter cold. For more information, contact mechanics like Autobahn Service Inc. - Porsche Specialist.