What Kinds Of Services Are Provided By Roadside Assistance Service Vehicles?

Roadside assistance services only perform basic tasks that will enable you to start your vehicle, or they will move it to a safer location. They don't perform maintenance or repair services.

The level of service that you receive will depend upon your service plan, but they all far within various degrees of the same services. 

What services do roadside service companies perform?

  • Bring fuel for empty gas tank

Most roadside assistance services will bring you up to two gallons of fuel, which is assumed to be enough to allow you to travel to the nearest service station for more fuel.

Some companies make you pay for the fuel on their least expensive assistance plan, and include the fuel without additional cost on their higher tiered plans. Of course, the higher tier plans cost more annually.

  • Perform a "hot-shot" if your battery is too weak to start your vehicle

This service requires only the use of jumper cables to override a weak battery with the charging system from the service vehicle. This may be needed if headlights are left on or battery terminals are dirty, and the battery is drained to the point that it cannot start the vehicle.

A hot-shot will only work if the battery will still hold a charge. If the battery is completely dead, and won't charge after the vehicle is started, the vehicle will shut down and need to be towed.

Some roadside service companies have begun to offer battery delivery to their customers. Of course, the customer must pay for the battery, which may or may not be priced competitively.

  • Change a flat tire

A viable spare must be provided by the vehicle owner. This may pose a problem for later model vehicles, which are beginning to be sold with spare tires as an option instead of a standard feature.

Unfortunately, some vehicle owners are unaware of this practice, and find out only when they have a flat tire and no spare tire can be found.

  • Towing

When a vehicle won't start, or can't be moved under its own power for any other reason, it must be towed. Most roadside service plans limit the distance that they will tow a vehicle without additional cost.

Basic plans will often provide towing only as far as the nearest repair facility, although some more expensive plans may provide towing up to one hundred miles. When the maximum distance for a plan level is reached, the customer will have the option to pay the additional cost of having their vehicle towed to their place of choice.

While roadside service companies can only provide limited services, the peace of mind that they provide are worth the cost, especially on a long trip far away from home. 

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