How To Save Money And Max Out The Benefits Of Home Window Tinting

Residential window tinting is a great upgrade for your home as it can provide years of protection, beauty, and energy efficiency with almost no maintenance. But upgrading your entire home with window tinting may not always be an economical option. So if you're interested in maxing out the benefits of window tinting for the least amount of money, consider how you should use it in your home.

How and Where To Use It Around Your Home

You can save money on extraneous tinting if you focus on the areas of your home that are exposed to the longest period of sunlight, as well as the type of exposure. Exposure to UV and infrared rays during harsh afternoon hours can cause discoloration and fading of your furniture, tapestries, and fine art, not to mention pose a hazard to your health. South-facing windows will typically get the most exposure to the sun, along with western windows in the afternoon, with higher levels of infrared and UV rays concentrated than early morning sunlight.

So if you want to get the most economical protection from elevated temperatures and UV exposure to your interior, consider focusing on residential tinting to your most exposed windows, like ones that face the South, West, and possibly East. But if you also want to get the most protection from wandering eyes, you should also understand the difference between reflective tints and ones that are clear.

Clear window tints are films that are applied to your windows like any colored or reflective one, only they allow the most light into your home. Darker tints and reflective metallic or ceramic films can reduce the glare on televisions inside, as well as increase your privacy during the day. But at night, window film that's reflective can do the opposite of what it does during the day; it can create a shadowing of your interior that can give an impression of what you're doing inside.

If you want to bring affordable beauty to your home with a window tint, focusing on large, or highly visible areas may be your priority. If you do this, covering the largest windows or largest window area that's exposed with consecutive rows will give you protection, privacy, and beauty at a reduced cost. So if bay windows are at the front of your North-facing home, opting to emphasize the privacy and aesthetic may be more important that covering smaller, sun-soaked windows to the South. Contact a local outlet, such as MidAmerica Tint, for further assistance.