What To Do When Your Child's Bike Scratches Your Car

If your child accidentally scratched the paint on the door of your car, then you should consider fixing the scratch yourself at home rather than filing a claim with your automotive insurance company. All automotive supply stores sell kits that you can use to repair minor scratches in the paint on your vehicles. Additionally, you can also buy touch-up paint from one of your car manufacturer's dealerships. This paint will often result in a flawless restoration.

Each paint kit will be a bit different for things like drying times and the best method of application; however, the basic scratch repair procedure is always the following:

Remove the Scratched Paint

Metal exposed to the elements will corrode and form rust. Once rust starts, it eats its way through metal and is very damaging for your car. Because of this fact, it is important that you repair any scratches on your car's paint. While the paint of your automobile is there to enhance its appearance, it is also there to coat and protect the metal parts from corrosion and rust.

Using a sanding stick or a toothpick that has been wrapped in fine, wet-and-dry sandpaper, remove any damaged paint around the scratch on your car. You also need to remove the top layer of any exposed metal to ensure that if any rust has started that you remove all of it before applying the new layer of paint.

When the area has been thoroughly sanded, then remove any metal and paint dust using a wet cloth.

Paint with Repair Paint

Using the small brush, paint the scratched area with repair paint. If the scratch is deep, then you may need to apply multiple layers. Consult the packaging to determine how long you need to let the paint layers dry before applying the next. Keep applying paint until it is just above the existing car paint height and let the paint dry completely.

Sand the Repair Paint

Using a very fine wet-and-dry sandpaper, sand down the repair paint until it is flush with the existing paint on the car. Sand very carefully so that you do not damage the paint around the scratched area.

Paint with a Clear Coat

Once the repair paint has been sanded down to match the surrounding paint, then you need to apply a layer of clear coat sealant to the area. Apply a thin layer of sealant and avoid the urge to spray a thick layer, or it will gunk up and you will be able to see your scratch repair in the sun.

For Professional Paint Scratch Removal

If the scratch on your car is too deep or has dented the metal that surrounds it, then it's always best to have the area inspected by a professional auto body technician before you attempt to repair it yourself. Contact a company like Porsche Services to learn more.