Three Signs Your Vehicle Needs Its Brakes Serviced

Every time you get into your vehicle, you rely on its braking system to keep you and your family safe and secure. But what if that system is not working properly? Suddenly, you're in a very dangerous situation. It's essential that you maintain your vehicle's brakes, and that you know the signs that something may be wrong, including the following:

The Brakes Vibrate When You Press the Brake Pedal. If your vehicle's brake pedal vibrates rapidly when you use the brakes or seems to pulsate under your foot, it's a sign that you need to have your brakes serviced. Your brakes rotors sometimes wear unevenly, creating spots that are higher than others. When you press the pedal, these spots cause a vibration that you can feel under your foot. If you take your vehicle to a professional, like Doc Able's Auto Clinic Inc, they can shave your rotors and even the metal out, so that this vibration stops and your rotors wear more evenly over time. If you put this service off, you may wind up replacing your rotors sooner than you would otherwise need to, so it is important not to delay.

The Brakes Squeal When Used. Modern brake systems are designed with a metal wear indicator built into the brake pad. As your brake pads become thinner, this indicator begins to poke through, causing a loud squealing noise when you use your vehicle's brakes. This sound indicates that it is time to change your brake pads before you damage your vehicles brakes, so be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as you hear this noise. Otherwise, you run the risk of replacing far more costly parts of your brake system.

The Vehicle's Brake Light Comes On. Your vehicle's automated alert system is designed so that the brake light comes on if anything is even slightly off about the brake system. If your car's brake light comes on, even intermittently, it is a sign that something is wrong and that you should take your car to a mechanic. In the best case scenario, something is wrong with the sensor or the light itself, causing a false alert. In this situation, you'll need the light repaired so that you can again rely on the warning system.

If you notice any of the above warning signs, or if anything else seems strange about your vehicle's brake system, be sure to take it to a local mechanic as soon as possible.