What to Get the Broke College Student? These Ideas Are Way Better Than Cash

It can be hard to guess what the average college student needs for their birthday or for the holidays, but there are some great out-of-the box ideas you should consider instead of giving the student money. Giving them cash can lead to them spending it quickly and not on items that they actually need.

Instead, you need to think about what their true needs are and what they could use to make their life easier or safer. Here are a few considerations when trying to figure out what the best gift is for the student.

Auto Maintenance Gift Card

Does the student need a car repair or is their vehicle due for an oil change? If so, find out if the local auto repair shops and mechanical locations offer gift cards or if you can prepay for the student to get their car tuned up and hooked to the diagnostic machine to see if anything is wrong. Otherwise, they may not pay to make sure their car is running in the best condition, or they may miss a repair that is desperately needed. Paying for a small car repair could make a big difference to a student. 

Book Store Gift Card

Even though the student needs books, new supplies for classes, or even some spirit wear, they may take gift cash out for a fun time out on a Friday night. Get a gift card directly to the college book store so the student can get help getting the supplies they need to be a good student for the upcoming semester. They may need a specific calculator or tool for a class, for example, but can't afford it without any help.

Grocery Store Gift Card

A grocery store gift card helps a student get the essentials that they need, like food, personal hygiene products, vitamins or medicine, and more. This may help them stock their cupboards when they are desperately low and prevent them from spending money on eating out because they can cook food at home.

If you know a college student that is always low on cash and who has basic needs that are getting neglected, these are great ideas to help that student out. You don't want to give them cash that they'd be tempted to spend on anything that they want instead of the things that they really need to continue their education and to get by.