Important Maintenance Information You Should Know About Your New European Car

As the new owner of a European car, you are probably halfway in love with your new vehicle. However, if you have previously only owned American cars, you are likely to notice that your maintenance needs will now need to change a bit. Therefore, in order for you to extend the life and usability of your vehicle for as long as possible, it is a good idea for you to be aware of the following information.

European Cars Require Vehicle-Specific Parts That Are Rarely Cheap in the United States 

It is important to note that your new European car will have different needs when it comes to replacement parts than an American-made car will. For instance, you are likely to find that with rare exceptions, you will not have the option of using less-expensive but still-functional parts on your new European car, as you might with an American vehicle.

Simply put, since those parts come from farther away, you should expect to pay more for any replacement part. In some instances, something as minor as replacing a damaged or worn-out windshield wiper blade could be more expensive on your BMW car than it was on your Ford or Chevy. Of course, the trade-off of that issue is that with proper maintenance, you can often expect your BMW or other quality European vehicle to last longer and drive faster than your American-made car. 

European Cars Are Known for Having Mechanical Differences That Require Extra Maintenance Training 

One major reason for the increased cost of maintaining or repairing your European car relates to the differences found under the hood and throughout the vehicle itself. Those differences usually mean that you will need to find a mechanic with extensive training or experience on European cars in order to address issues. Examples of that may include replacing the brake pad on your Audi, as these cars have electronic sensors on the brake pads that necessitate a longer period of time to replace them.

In comparison, the brakes on an American-made car will usually have a quick and easy repair, with parts available from many different affordable retailers. It will also be helpful to remember that, regardless of what they told you at the dealership when you bought your car, you do not have to allow the maintenance to be done exclusively by them. As long as a mechanic with experience on the type of car you drive adequately maintains your vehicle according to the schedule suggested by the car manufacturer, you can skip the dealership and save a few dollars.  

In conclusion, you are likely already aware that adequately maintaining your vehicle is essential to being able to drive it for many more years. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that a European car will usually have different maintenance needs than your American-made cars have, so the information listed above will be particularly useful. Visit a shop like Sid's Auto 2 for more information on how to maintain your new car.