Three Signs Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Service

Your transmission is one of the most integral parts of your vehicle, as it is what works to change gears and allows your engine to operate at higher or slower speeds. Thus, any sort of mechanical damage or issue with your transmission can have a huge impact on your ability to control your vehicle, which can greatly increase the risk of an accident occurring and can also have significant negative impacts on the performance of your engine. Understanding what some of the warning signs associated with a transmission that needs to be repaired can help you identify when you may need to head to a mechanic before these issues can manifest themselves.

Strange Noises

One of the most noticeable signs that your transmission is having issues is a strange or high-pitched noise that comes from your engine either when changing gears or while driving at a high speed. This can point to a clogged transmission filter and dirty transmission fluid, which makes it hard for the transmission to maintain the adequate level of pressure to change gears or keep the transmission engaged, which can eventually lead to performance issues.

Hard Shifting and Slipping Gears

In a similar line to the above point, extremely dirty fluid and a clogged filter, as well as wear to the transmission's gears themselves or some other form of mechanical issue within your transmission, can have a direct effect on your ability to shift gears. In some cases, you may find your car shifts into gear extremely roughly, clunking into place and suddenly surging forward after you've pressed the gas pedal down for a significant period of time. In other cases, you may find that your car may suddenly slip out of the current gear that it is in – which will more commonly happen while traveling at high speeds – suddenly slowing your vehicle down. Due to the dangerous nature of these gear shifts, you should head to a mechanic straight away at the first occurrence.

Burning Smell

Finally, one of the most serious signs of transmission trouble that you may encounter is the smell of burning coming from your engine. While it may be hard to pin this to your transmission straight away, this burning can be caused by gears that are improperly lubricated, causing too much friction between them and a great deal of wear to your transmission. It can also be caused by leaking fluid into your hot engine, which poses all sorts of functional issues. In either case, a professional inspection and repair will be necessary.

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