Do You Provide Overnight Ridesharing Services? 3 Tips To Safely Deal With A Late Night Car Breakdown

When you are already a night owl, providing rideshare services to other people is a great way to make some money when other drivers might not be available. While you may enjoy helping people get to their destinations, you may also worry about what could happen if you end up stranded in the late-night hours. Keeping up with your car's maintenance and inspections helps to prevent this from happening, yet all of those extra miles can lead to sudden roadside emergencies. Knowing what to do about a late-night car breakdown before it happens helps you to make smart decisions that keep you safe while you wait for 24-hour towing.

Find the Safest Place to Stop

Many car problems begin with a warning sign, such as a strange noise or changes in the gauges, that give you a little bit of time to find somewhere to pull over. For instance, you might notice the temperature gauge is starting to move too close to overheating. In these cases, you need to look for a well-lit area such as a parking lot that has low traffic. If you must pull over right away on a highway, such as for a flat tire, then get as far off the road as possible before coming to a stop.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Visible

There are two essential things to remember when you pull over for a car breakdown. First, you want to make sure that other cars can see yours with enough time for them to avoid a collision. Turn on the hazard lights, and consider leaving on the headlights as well. If your roadside emergency kit has flares, then you may also want to put them out if you can do so safely. Second, you also want to make sure that the 24-hour towing company can see your car. Having the lights on and giving a description of your vehicle when you call helps them avoid wasting time by having to turn around if they pass you by.

Identify a Safe Place to Wait for Help

Standing on the side of the road in the middle of the night is typically not the safest choice to make. Once your car is visible, look around for a safe place to wait for the tow. For instance, a well-lit convenience store might be an option, or you could wait in fast food restaurant that is open late at night. If you do, then just let the tow driver know where to find you. If you must wait in your car, then lock the doors and keep the windows up. If anyone offers to help, let them know that a tow is on the way.