2 Signs Your Truck's Diesel Engine Is Worn Out And Needs To Be Replaced

If you have an older truck with a diesel engine, you may have noticed lately that it does not seem to be running as smoothly as it did when the engine was newer. While there are certain problems that can be repaired, there are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout indicating that the engine is worn out and may need to be replaced soon before it breaks down completely.

1. Blue Smoke Rolls out of the Exhaust Pipes

One sign that your truck's diesel engine is on the verge of breaking down is when you start seeing blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes. Normally, the smoke should the light gray in color. Or, if you first start up the engine or move after sitting for more than a few minutes, it may initially appear black from carbon buildup. But, it normally clears up shortly afterward.

However, if the smoke is blue, this color means that your engine is burning oil. This problem could be an issue with the headers or a broken piston ring. It could be a sign that the block is cracked and oil is leaking into the combustion compartment. Any of these issues are a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

2. Truck Has Difficulty Starting 

Another sign that your diesel truck's engine is worn out is when you start having difficulty starting it after it sits for a while. While attempting to start it, you may hear it backfire or make popping noises.

If your engine does not want to turn over and is making loud popping or chattering sounds, this usually means that not enough compression is building up within the engine's cylinders. Since high compression is necessary for a diesel engine to combust fuel, if there is not enough because of a worn-out engine, you will have difficulty starting it. Eventually, the engine will no longer be able to turn over at all.

If your truck has blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes and is unable to start without backfiring and popping, it may be on its last leg and could fail completely at any given moment. Before this has a chance to happen, take your truck to an auto service to discuss your options for replacing it with a newer, more powerful engine. 

If you have additional questions about your diesel engine, reach out to a local auto service company that offers service on products like Cummins 6.7 engines.