3 Main Causes Of Tractor Tire Damage And How To Avoid Them

As a tractor driver, you understand the signs of worn-out tires. The most common damage indicators include cracks, cuts, bulges, uneven wear, and deflation. Of course, replacing the affected tire is the best way to restore your tractor to efficient operations. Even so, you will need to find out the reason behind the untimely wear. Here are the main reasons behind accelerated damage levels and how to mitigate them.

The Incorrect Pressure for Your Tires 

You should ensure that your wheels have the ideal pressure at all times. When a tire does not have the right level of inflation, it keeps bouncing off the ground, which damages the shoulder and the lugs. Also, instead of the tires absorbing the pressure, you will feel it more.

Nevertheless, putting excess pressure on the wheels causes untimely tread wear. In this case, most of the damage happens to the tip of the lugs. Determine the wheels' pressure each time you are heading out and ensure that it remains at the recommended level.

The General Mechanical Health of the Tractor

The overall mechanical state of your tractor contributes to the lifespan of your tires. For example, if you see more extensive damage on the front tires than the hind ones, it means that you need wheel realignment. The same could be plausible when the wheels on one side are more prone to punctures or have more damage than the other side. 

The imbalance in wear could also result from using the front axle assembly on winding journeys. Besides that, you could have a camber problem that you need to address. See a mechanic to find out the underlying mechanical issue that is taking you back to the tire shop every year.

The Tractor's Usage

The function of the tractor plays a huge role in the longevity of the tires. If the damage is on the center lugs, the chances are that you drive on bumpy roads and carry excess load weight. But if the damage is on the side, the road you frequently use has an incline. For that reason, it is crucial to be keen about your driving routes and speed as they impact the life of your tires.

Understanding the reasons behind unexplained damage on your tractor wheels helps you address the underlying issues in time and minimize the expenditure on new tractor tires. Also, consult an auto service expert about the best maintenance practices and if you have a roadside emergency.