Wondering Why The Check Light Of Your Car Engine Has Been Blinking Lately? Find Out Why

So your check engine light blinks occasionally? Then your vehicle has an issue that probably needs to be urgently fixed. But it's easy to assume that the issue with your car will go away since it isn't deterring you from driving smoothly. But this is a mistake you should avoid. The looming problem might damage your vehicle if it's not quickly addressed. Your vehicle check engine light will flash on due to the following reasons.

The Cap of Fuel System Is Just Faulty

When the gas cap is problematic or just loose, your vehicle engine's check light turns on. This happens when your vehicle's onboard computer detects pressure loss in the tank. Remember that the gas cap is behind maintaining optimal pressure in your tank by ensuring that the gas doesn't evaporate. So, if the light comes on shortly after adding gas, confirm that the cap is fitted correctly.

You Have an Oxygen Sensor That Is Problematic

An oxygen sensor helps detect the oxygen that is unburned emitted from your exhaust pipe. This sensory system tracks your vehicle's fuel consumption. Many vehicles have two to four sensors, and when they're faulty, you'll notice a reduction in your gas mileage. The catalytic converter is also likely to fail if you don't quickly resolve this issue. Remember that replacing sensors is less costly than installing a new catalytic converter.

You Have a Spark Plug That Is Failing 

Your vehicle spark plug helps ignite the fuel that provides the power needed to ensure the proper functioning of the engine cylinder. When they don't fire correctly, you're bound to have poor engine performance. This issue calls for instant repairs because a damaged spark plug ultimately causes failure of the oxygen sensor and ignition coil. To avoid such issues, seek timely inspection and repairs from a repair technician whenever you notice the engine check light is on.

You Have a Catalytic Converter That Isn't Working

The catalytic converter plays a crucial role in minimizing the emissions produced by your vehicle. It achieves this by breaking down harmful gases such as carbon monoxide into harmless compounds. Catalytic converters can remain in great shape for a long time if properly maintained. But when it fails, you'll experience a drastic drop in fuel efficiency or poor engine performance. Then, the engine check light comes on soon afterward. You'll need immediate auto repair services to fix this problem. 

When your vehicle check light comes on, it's a sign that you should visit an auto repair shop—such as All German Auto. Waiting for too long can result in extensive damage to your vehicle's internal parts.