Warning Signs That Your Mass Airflow Sensor Is Defective

A mass airflow sensor is an important component of your car and tracks how much air is entering through an air filter. Then, an ECU adjusts how much fuel is entering the engine. If your mass airflow sensor is not functioning properly, you likely need to hire an auto service repair technician to fix it. Otherwise, you might experience a lack of power and your engine won't use fuel efficiently. There are several warning signs to look for.

The Check Engine Light Turns On

When the mass airflow sensor is not functioning properly, your dashboard might have a check engine light. This is because your car's computer will notice that there is something wrong with the data coming from the MAF sensor.

Your Car Doesn't Want to Start

You might find it difficult to start your engine when there is a problem with the mass airflow sensor. The ECU will try to rely on other sensors when starting the car. This will cause the car to take longer to start. Also, older cars are more likely to not start at all. The engine will be very rough as it is idling and the engine might even die. You'll need to start your car again and you may find it challenging to get it to start.

Your Car Struggles to Accelerate

The engine will not want to accelerate initially because the car will check other sensors so that it can determine how much fuel is needed. This can cause a delay of a few seconds and is one of the common signs that your mass airflow sensor needs to be replaced. You'll also notice that your engine hesitates when it is carrying a heavy load or when the car is driving uphill.

You Smell Gas

If you are experiencing poor gas mileage, this could be a result of the faulty mass airflow sensor. You might also smell gas coming from the exhaust. 

What to Do Next

When you take your car to an auto service, there are several tests that technicians will perform to make sure that your car has a mass airflow sensor problem and that your car is not defective in another way. 

The good news is that a mass airflow sensor is not very expensive and it's also not difficult to replace. Therefore, you won't have to spend a lot of money to have your sensor replaced. The money you save with better gas mileage will make up for the cost of replacing the sensor.

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