Why You Should Have Your Windshield Replaced With OEM Glass

If your auto safety glass has become damaged, you might need to have it replaced with a new pane of glass. When replacing the glass, two options you have are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass and aftermarket glass. Some professional auto safety glass replacement services will only settle for OEM glass. 

Where OEM Glass Comes From 

Aftermarket glass refers to glass that is made by a different company than the company that made the original glass. The technician will want to find an aftermarket safety glass that is the same dimensions as the original so that it will fit. However, an OEM glass is made by the same manufacturer as the original. As a result, it is often a much better fit for your car.

The OEM glass is usually made at the same time as the glass that will be installed on new vehicles. The manufacturer knows that a percentage of vehicles will need to have their safety glass replaced. The additional replacement glass is also manufactured because it is cheaper to create replacement glass during the original production run than it is to create the glass again in the future.

OEM Glass Is a Better Fit

OEM glass tends to be made out of the highest quality materials. The glass is inspected with a special technology that is able to verify that the glass fits perfectly in the car it was designed for. Therefore, all that matters is that a professional auto safety glass replacement service installs it properly. In some cases, you might have to wait longer to have your glass replaced, but the wait is worth it.

OEM glass usually uses special paints that are designed to allow for urethane adhesion and to allow UV (ultraviolet) lights to transmit through the glass much more easily. It comes with a special PVB (polyvinyl butyral) layer that is meant to provide extra protection against solar rays. This is added in an environment that provides the best quality control.

OEM Glass Looks Better

When your glass is replaced with an OEM safety glass, it will be much clearer. The shape and the contour are designed to make sure that the wiper blade has a smooth performance. Once you have an OEM safety glass, an auto safety glass replacement service will be able to install the glass in a manner that will make it look exactly the same as it looked when you originally purchased the car

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