Replacing The Side Glass On Your Vehicle After It Is Broken Or Damaged

The side windows on your car or truck are made from durable tempered glass that can withstand some abuse. However, if there is damage to the glass, you will need to replace them, but an auto glass repair shop can help.

Broken Glass

Side windows in your car, truck, or SUV, can break in the right conditions, and if one does, it will typically shatter into tiny pieces. The way the glass breaks intentionally ensures there are no large shards of glass in the window opening. 

Replacing the side window glass can be challenging, and often you will need an auto glass repair service to remove the remaining glass around the window opening and install the new piece for you. Auto glass services handle these types of repairs every day and can even help you get the right replacement glass for your car or truck and can come to your home to repair it.

The glass tech working on your car will open up the trim panels around the window to vacuum out the glass that has fallen inside, and most will clean all the glass out of the interior for you before they finish the job. 

Matching The Glass

When replacing a side window on your vehicle, check to ensure the new one matches the other pieces on the vehicle. Sometimes the manufacturer puts a pattern on the outside edge of the glass or uses a tint gradient to help reduce heat inside the car. If the new glass does not have these same features, you may want to ask for the auto glass repair service to use factory replacement glass to ensure it looks correct on the car. 

Often, ordering factory glass can delay the process a few days, but that may be a small price to pay to ensure that the vehicle looks brand new after the repair. Most glass shops will let you know if they have to order the glass for your vehicle or if they have it on hand. And if you are requesting factory replacement glass, keep in mind the price may be higher than the glass the repair shop would source from an aftermarket manufacturer. 

Install Your Glass

When the day comes to install the new glass in your car or truck, the mobile auto glass repair service will arrive at your home, and you will need to unlock the vehicle for them. Once they have access to the car, they can replace the glass, clean up the mess from the old glass, and go over any dos and don'ts while the urethane sealant is curing.  Most glass installers recommend letting the car sit for an hour or two before driving it, but if the job is done correctly, you can use the vehicle shortly after the repair is complete. 

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