When To Take Your Vehicle In For Brake Repair Work

If you have a vehicle that has not had the brakes serviced in a long time, it might be time to do so. Brake pads only last for so long before they have to be changed out. You want to do this before they are completely broken because of the additional problems this could create. To help you know what signs to look for, you will want to review the following:

There's An Unfamiliar Noise

You want to make sure that you are scheduling an appointment the moment you start hearing an unfamiliar noise coming from your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with your dealership repair department or your local mechanic if the noise seems to be coming from the wheels. You might find that you are past the point of just needing new brake pads. Depending on how long ago it was that the brake pads wore out, you might have a problem with your rotors or calipers.

The Steering Wheel Is Shaking

There are a few things that can cause the steering wheel to shake. If this is only happening when you apply the brakes, it is time to get the vehicle in for brake repairs. When brake pads wear thin or break off, they will start pressing into the rotors whenever you are applying pressure to the brake pedal. This will cause grinding of the rotor, which when severe enough, can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are trying to stop or slow down.

The Brake Icon On The Dash Lights Up

There are multiple issues that could cause the brake icon to light up on your dashboard. It could be something as simple as needing new brake pads or there could be something much more serious taking place somewhere in the brake system. Never assume that just because the vehicle isn't acting strange that there isn't anything wrong. If that light comes on, get your vehicle to a mechanic.

Always make sure that you are taking your vehicle in for brake servicing as soon as you notice any warning signs of brake trouble. Also, just for extra good measure, you can always schedule an appointment to simply have your brakes inspected. This way, if they are approaching the end of their life, they can be replaced before causing any damage to the rotors.

For more information about auto repairs, such as Mercedes brake repairs, contact a local auto shop.