The 411 On ABS: 4 Things You Should Know About Your Car's Anti-Lock Braking System

From the initial cost and stress of maintenance and repairs, it is easy to see the challenges of owning an automobile. Of course, your car, truck, or SUV is most likely a necessity that takes you from point A to point B each day. Therefore, proper understanding and regular maintenance are essential tasks to ensure your vehicle operates in the most effective manner possible. Anti-lock brakes are common in most vehicles today, but you may not understand how this electronic system operates.

Three Signs Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Service

Your transmission is one of the most integral parts of your vehicle, as it is what works to change gears and allows your engine to operate at higher or slower speeds. Thus, any sort of mechanical damage or issue with your transmission can have a huge impact on your ability to control your vehicle, which can greatly increase the risk of an accident occurring and can also have significant negative impacts on the performance of your engine.