3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Car's Transmission

A failing automatic transmission can often be a death sentence, especially for older vehicles with little value (or life) remaining. Unfortunately, replacing or rebuilding a transmission can often be cost-prohibitive, sometimes requiring many thousands of dollars. While these repairs may be unavoidable if you cannot afford a new vehicle, extending the life of your existing transmission is often a better option. Unfortunately, many drivers may not realize their transmissions require maintenance or that their driving habits can impact their long-term reliability.

Car Won't Start? Here Are Some Possible Causes

Having a car that won't start can be a real pain, and there are many potential reasons why this may happen. If you know where to look, you can find the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. Use this troubleshooting guide to investigate some likely causes of starting trouble. Low Battery Power If you are experiencing car starting issues, start the troubleshooting process by checking the battery. Your battery provides the electricity required to initiate the car starting process, so it's recommended that you check if it's in good working condition before looking elsewhere.

Can A Faulty Catalytic Converter Cause More Than A Failed Emissions Test?

Your car's catalytic converter is a key part of its emissions system. A faulty one will typically raise an error code and cause you to fail state emission or smog tests, in addition to triggering an ugly warning light on your dash. Of course, catalytic converter replacements are relatively expensive, leading many drivers to defer this repair for as long as possible. Unfortunately, a failing catalytic converter is more than just a bureaucratic hassle.

Keep Automotive Repair Costs Down

Shopping around for estimates and keeping up with routine maintenance essentials will regulate automotive repair costs. The following tips can aid with preserving the manner in which your vehicle operates. Shopping Around Don't wait until your vehicle needs to be serviced to schedule an appointment at an automotive repair shop that is located near where you live. Choosing an automotive shop at the last second could lead to increased costs that could have been avoided if you performed thorough research on several automotive repair businesses.

Why Windshields Crack

The windshield is the largest glass component on your car and for good reason. It gives you a clear, unobstructed view of the roads ahead and protects you and your passengers from rain, wind, insects, birds, and road debris. It also serves as a structural component that prevents the roof of the vehicle from caving in and hurting the people inside. If your car has a cracked windshield, you might be wondering how it sustained the damage.

About Windshield Chip Repairs

Your windshield is an important component of your car. Unfortunately, as important as it is, it is also put in a very vulnerable location. There are a lot of ways a windshield can be damaged and many reasons why that damage can't be ignored. This article will cover topics such as ways windshields can get chipped, reasons why chips shouldn't be ignored, and how glass chips can be repaired. This can help you determine whether you should have your windshield repaired and how to avoid damage in the future.