Three Types Of Windshield Damage You Should Get Repaired At A Professional Auto Glass Shop

If the idea of windshield damage doesn't already make you automatically think "repair shop time!" then you may be laboring under a misapprehension or two concerning auto glass repair. If you think using a repair kit at home would make a DIY project, it's probably best to restrict that experiment to times when windshield damage is no more severe than a superficial scratch. Here's why you should take these other three types of damage to an auto shop that specializes in glass repair.

Three Reasons Why Fixing A Commercial Truck Transmission Is Nothing Like Fixing Passenger Truck Transmissions

Trucks, in all their shapes, sizes and uses, are not made equally when it comes to transmissions and engine components. A truck engine in a standard passenger truck is easier to fix because it is easier to understand how it works and easier to identify the parts. Commercial trucks have vastly different engines, and here are three reasons why you should not attempt to fix a commercial truck transmission when you have only repaired passenger truck transmissions.

Important Maintenance Information You Should Know About Your New European Car

As the new owner of a European car, you are probably halfway in love with your new vehicle. However, if you have previously only owned American cars, you are likely to notice that your maintenance needs will now need to change a bit. Therefore, in order for you to extend the life and usability of your vehicle for as long as possible, it is a good idea for you to be aware of the following information.

Tips To Keep Your Six Speed BMW Transmission In Great Shape

If you have recently purchased a manual transmission BMW, then you may have noticed that the vehicle is a six gear vehicle instead of a five gear model. While the car will drive very similarly to a five speed car, there may be a few things that you should do differently to help keep your transmission in great shape.  Pay Attention To The Shift Light Many newer manual BMW vehicles have a gear shift indicator light that tells you when you should shift.

Before You Buy A Used Turbo Car With Modifications, Make Sure The Turbocharger Isn't On Its Last Legs

Most car enthusiasts love turbocharged engines. Compared to their naturally-aspirated counterparts, turbo engines respond exceptionally well to power modifications. With a simple ECU tune you can increase the turbocharger's boost output, modify the engine's fuel maps, and drastically increase horsepower output in the process. The only issue is that increasing the boost pressure puts a lot of extra stress on the turbocharger. Too much boost can cause the turbo to overheat, leak, and ultimately fail entirely unless proper maintenance procedures are followed.

Dispelling Two Myths About Buying Your Next Car

The process of buying a car can be an intimidating experience for first-time shoppers. While many people will automatically gravitate towards new cars, this can cause them to overlook the benefits of opting for a used automobile. Unfortunately, believing some common myths can cause individuals to fail to consider this option, and dispelling these two misconceptions can help you to be a better-informed consumer when you are considering your options for a vehicle.

How To Repair Your Car's Parking Brake

While most people live in areas that do not require the regular usage of the parking brake, there are obviously very popular places in which the parking brake is part of everyday life. This gives way to more intense wear and tear and thus the need for more frequent maintenance. Repairing a parking brake with an issue is fairly easy to do. What You Need to Know About the Parking Brake

4 Brake Service Tips For Your Vehicle

Keeping your brakes intact is critically important so you are able to protect yourself any time you are behind the wheel. You will get plenty of good miles out of your vehicle when you learn some useful brake maintenance guidelines that will set you straight. If this is what you would like for your automobile, consider these steps below in order for your car's brakes to last the long haul. 

What to Get the Broke College Student? These Ideas Are Way Better Than Cash

It can be hard to guess what the average college student needs for their birthday or for the holidays, but there are some great out-of-the box ideas you should consider instead of giving the student money. Giving them cash can lead to them spending it quickly and not on items that they actually need. Instead, you need to think about what their true needs are and what they could use to make their life easier or safer.

4 Common Signs That Your Transmission Is In Need Of Repair

When it comes to auto repairs, transmission problems are something that should never be ignored. Your vehicle's transmission plays a very important role in transmitting power to the drive train and allowing the car to shift gears; failure to take care of transmission problems promptly can result in needing to replace the transmission, which can be very expensive. Some common signs that your transmission needs repair as soon as possible include:

Three Signs Your Vehicle Needs Its Brakes Serviced

Every time you get into your vehicle, you rely on its braking system to keep you and your family safe and secure. But what if that system is not working properly? Suddenly, you're in a very dangerous situation. It's essential that you maintain your vehicle's brakes, and that you know the signs that something may be wrong, including the following: The Brakes Vibrate When You Press the Brake Pedal. If your vehicle's brake pedal vibrates rapidly when you use the brakes or seems to pulsate under your foot, it's a sign that you need to have your brakes serviced.